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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I’m currently living in Madrid, Spain, where I am also pursuing a Degree on Documentary Filmmaking (Instituto de Cine de Madrid).

I’m a documentary filmmaker working both on film and video since 2007, the year I graduated from Film School in Argentina (Universidad de Palermo, Degree obtained on TV and Film Production). Ever since that moment I’ve been working on all kinds of audiovisual media, ranging from low budget films to big productions for international TV networks such as MTV / VH1 (Viacom), ESPN and others.

Fluent both in spanish (native language) and english (bilingual), while currently also learning italian. I enjoy teaching and spreading knowledge on film and video production. I have given lectures and courses for different institutions in my home country (Escuela DaVinci, Capacité) and even managed my own training institute on post production software (Instituto Bass) offering both online and face-to-face courses.

I currently own a wide variety of high-end technology suitable for professional film production, such as 4K HDR cameras and other equipment, also in sound and lighting. I’m also a certified VANT operator, capable of shooting aerial 4K footage.

In 2016 I wrote, directed, produced and edited (along with Lisandro Leiva) the independent documentary “Going Down: Erecting the southern porn industry”, that premiered both in local (BAFICI, Festival de Cine Inusual, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre) and international film festivals. Recently I’ve finished two other documentaries: Listen to this: The untold story of Holophonics (2020/2021, with Pablo Abate), and In the media (2020/2021, with Lisandro Leiva).


2021 – Currently | SAGA EGMONT (Denmark)
Cover designer (E-Books + Audiobooks)

2018 – 2020 | EL PAÍS DIGITAL
Audiovisual content | elpaisdigital.com.ar

2019- 2020 – University of Buenos Aires (UBA)
Audiovisual content | UBA Instagram

2010 – Currently | FEIM
Video campaigns and social media content | feim.org.ar/

2007 – 2017 | El Destape / LaÑata Producciones
Post production and camera operator | eldestapeweb.com

2009 – 2014 | MTV Networks
Official vendor / Video editing and motion design www.mtvla.com

2017 – 2019 | Datazo!
Content and video production

2013 – 2020 | Instituto Bass
Owner and Manager / Teacher | institutobass.com

2009 – 2013 | Escuela Da Vinci
Teacher | davinci.edu.ar/

2007 – 2018 | VHS Sports
Advertising and campaigns designer http://vhs-sports.com

2008-2013 | Integra Eventos
Camera operator and video producer | IntegradosIdeas

2007 | ESPN (Latinamerican Poker Tournament – Season 1)
Video editor / Motion Designer

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Digital video editing, motion graphics, VFX, film, video and social media audiovisual content production.